Purple Eggs by BooZombies


Adellan & Super-Hans

Music is written in assembler and is bas(s)ed on Introfronty II by Dezecrator, 
which is an old classic module. Ideally it should been performed by Xerxes
Romeo Knight & Bendik but we couldnt manage to squeeze them in. ;)

Runs on Amiga 500 with or without fastmem, OCS or ECS.

Behold, there actually is a hidden easteregg in the intro!


Take out your dear A500 or run the intro in emulator. Click the purple rasterbar with your trusty ol' mouse.


Random quotes during development:

- Heh, the greetingstext is larger than the audio engine.

- Fuck me, omfg guess what? The audioglitches were caused by WinUAE choosing WASAPI instead of Directsound as default. Ah well, 4-5 hours wasted. ;P

- This desk is killing me.

- No space for sprites, so no happy bunny. ;(

And finally:

If you let the hidden easteregg part run for a few minutes it actually
 starts developing some chord progression and rhytm.


And remember, it's not wrong being a BooZombie every once in a while!