alvin stardust by Cryonics [web]

 alvin stardust.

                  no aliens were harmed during the making of this demo, oh yes.
                  this demo was made in one week before the party, oh yes. 
                  it is probably the best demo ever made, oh no. 
                  it is a 100% pure serious demo, oh no.          

                                               code....... ubbe
                                               code....... vain
                                               3d......... java
                                               2d......... deone
                                               music...... steffo

 send all your hate mail to...

 java   : java@witty.com
 deone  : tobbe.w@ljusdal.se
 ubbe   : ube@ts.umu.se
 vain   : vain@ts.umu.se
 steffo : s.h@mindless.com

                                        ...or visit


 quick messages goes to
 elfsong       : nice to see that you are back!
 cremax        : yes, it is finally here. 
 dh crew       : thanks for the lousy prizes. 
 swedish scene : start making good demos, not like this one!
 big hug to the ones that loves and adores us

               cryonics will be back at the gathering 1998, oh yes.