dolphinary by Appendix [web] & Pic Saint Loup & Venus Art

Short:    Dolphinary by Pic Saint Loup
Author:   pslwhq@polbox.com (Pic Saint Loup)
Uploader: pslwhq@polbox.com (Adamsoft/PSL)
Type:     demo/sound
Requires: AHI V4,AGA or CGX

                        D o l p h i n a r y
                         by Pic Saint Loup
                 with Appendix & Venus Art support

Created By:
Music           : Pic Saint Loup (Adamsoft & SUPERFML)
Graphics        : Juma / Appendix
Main code       : BJSebo / Venus Art
3d Engine Code  : Noe / Venus Art

-*- Requirements
AHI audio system V4
            AHI audio system is Copyright ©1994-97 Martin Blom.
            (http://www.lysator.lin.se/~lcs or random aminet sites)
Amiga AGA or Amiga with CyberGraphX
68020 CPU
4Mb Fast Ram

-*- Recommended
68040-25 or faster
High quality 16 bit soundcard (Delphina DSP will be enough)
Graphics Card with CyberGraphX installed (or Picasso96)

 You can specify 2 parametters from cli when running this production:

  'prefs'    allow you to select you preferable ahi mode main screen mode
             and intro screen mode.Ahi mode can be changed from main
             program also.
             (default prefs: Paula:Fast 8bit mono 22050hz)
  'nointro'  will skip intro part.

                those parameters can be specified only from cli!!!
                Otherwise you will see guru.

!!!we would like to sent special thanx to authors digibooster pro
for greates multichannel tracker for amiga and more, more, more.. !!!