Chipmunks #1 by Trinity [web]

Chipmunks chip-pack by Trinity

Code by Barry Paterson aka Lando

Version for Spo4 - I will release a #fixed# version in the week or 2 after the party,  along with my PSX demo I had planned.  

- Didnt have time to code the scrolly WinAmp-style mod title/composer so its just a static one atm.
- Booster's mod sounds weird at the start, like there are a couple of missing samples or sumat.  Fucked if I know whats causing it... Weird thing is that it sounds Ok in Winuae but not on a real Amiga !
- Pause button doesn't do anything as there's no function if P61 to pause a mod... and I took the play button away since mods start right away and replaced it with a cross to quit instead.
- Reduced Lanch's Trinity Logo from 64 to 32 colours as AsmPro kept trying to inciff it as an EHB picture which made the pallette fuck up.  Doesn't really look much different in the lower colour depth thankfully.

Thats about it...
Tested ok on:-

A1200T/060-50Mhz/72Mb Fast/OS3.5
A1200/020-28Mhz/4Mb Fast/OS3.0
WinUAE 0.817R2 (Works but has graphic glitches...)

Clicking left mouse button on Up/Down arrows changes music track, clicking on the Cross quits(!)

1. Intro Number 136 - Wotw/Paradox
2. NightLight - KFD/Trinity
3. Lazy Tune - Booster/Cromatics
4. Synthetic Roots - Dascon/Iris
5. Toystick - Mice/Zenon
6. Kokolores - Virgill