fruxis by Rgba [web]

              _._________ .______    .________  .______/\_
               |    ____/_|  ___/____|  _____/__|   ___  /_
               |   __    /|  \      /_   ___   /_    _    /
               |   \   .:\|   \__  .:/   \_   .:/    |  .:\
               |____\     \_________/__________/_____|_____\


             4k executable graphics by rgba [www.rgba.org] 2012

                    for trsac 2012 [http://www.trsac.dk]


   aloha, long time no demo. it's being a while now, three years since the
   last official release. too bad. or perhaps too good, it all dependes on
   how you decide to look at it. thing is, in the last months i've started
   coding again, but i didn't plan of making an actual demo/intro/gfx just
   yet, as nothing that i have is enough to be worth a comeback. but it is
   often somebody from the outside that reminds me that it's not about the
   quality that much, but the fact that you contribute. it had to be a tbc
   member again, puryx in this case.

   so here it goes a quick production again. i didn't give it all the love
   it deserverd (see the size, there is enough room to improve work on the
   composition, materials, lighting etc), and i am sure i could easily get 
   rid of a couple hundred bytes or so... but who cares, just knowing that
   rgba will make it again into the projection screen of a demo party like
   trsac is good enough of a reason to crunch a bit, finish the code, call
   it a prod, and move to the next project.


   of course, those fruits are pinched spheres, and yes of course, this is
   raymarching in a distance field again. the difference is that this time
   i didn't hack the lighing with fake ambient occlusion and cheap shadows
   or other tricks, but i let the gpu (yep this is my first procedural gfx
   prod running in the gpu) compute the lighting with a simple pathtracing
   algotighm. everything else in the code is pretty standard.


   asd   calodox   collapse  conspiracy  [d]vision  farbrausch
   fairlight  fuzzion   hornet   loonies
   northen dragons    plastic     rebels    software failure    speckdrumm
   spontz   tbc


   iq :: [www.iquilezles.org] :: code/art :: mathepainting


   mentor + blueberry :: [www.crinkler.net] :: bytemagic and codecrunching
   llb :: [http://www.ctrl-alt-test.fr/?p=358]:: shader minimizing