Modulation 4 preview by Checkpoint [web]

Modulation 4 preview

Okay, you've probably ran the demo already instead of reading this sorry excuse
for a text, so this is kind of superfluous :). But a readme's a readme, so I
guess I'd better write something worth of your time here.

What you're installed in your Falcon's hard drive is an innocent question
posed by an innocent 505 to an innocent GGN while XiA's wife was driving us to
Stockholm airport from the Sommarhack partyplace (hugs Acca and XiA btw!). The
question was something like "I'm thinking of making a follow up to Modulation,
with ACE tunes for Falcon. Would you like to code it?" and the answer was
"yeah, bring it!". In general, when 505 makes a proposition like that, one has
to answer like "hell yeah!" :).

And thus a few months of radio silence passed by, until about 2 months ago
when 505 started making the tunes and GGN shyly writing some code. And
procastrinated. And procastrinated. And procastrinated. etc etc. And then 2
graphic artists (Nytrik and Samurai) came on board. And some time passed. And
there were some previews of the tunes. And then some more time passed. And we
had a title screen. And then a couple of backgrounds. And then suddendly there
was only a couple of days left. Oooops!

Maybe I'm being too harsh on us all. We all have our obligations and little
time because of family and work commitments etc. But we haven't given up! We
hope to finish this production by the end of the year. We also hope you liked
this small preview a bit and that you'll find the final version even more

Full credits for this preview go to:

GGN - code, design
505 - music, design, scrolly background (actually we had 2 from Samurai but we
                                         thought we'd leave for the final)
Nytrik - Intro pic
New beat - ACE replay

That's about it I suppose. Now run along, there's nothing else to see here!