Epic Realtime by Mostly Harmless

mostly harmless presents
epic realtime
presented at TUM 2012

code: chock

bla bla bla =
    oooh, not another of those epic realtime demos you might say.
    i say, bring them on, good things are still to come!
    if it isn't for the circus that's driving you mad,
    maybe we're more successful with this nice little feature presentation.
    the key to success in getting insane is to stare on the cube
    and let the demo run for at least 10 minutes.
    or you could try to read all this babbling and get the infamous
    whatever suits your needs...
    let's shout out some greetings to our allies from
    nuance, cosine, genesis project, mostly harmless, squoquo, squopoo, jumalauta, toxie.
    finally we managed to put it all together.
    thanks guys!
    so hopefully you're able to read this text, because, in the end,
    the world might already have ended to turn...
    to fill up space here are some credits,
    music by dalezy / local conversions by others,
    code by widdy - wii and gba, nitro - vectrex,
    chock - pc 4k, chokes on dick - pc demo,
    hopper - atari xl, yoda - wild. scolltext by hopper
    we finally reached the 1kb mark, so let's bring it all to a good end
    and as the mayans said - it will all repeat itself, so here you go...