NightFlight by Komojo

|        Night Flight         |
| A Text Mode Demo for TMDC15 |
|         by Komojo           |
|      komojo@gmail.com       |

...because I can't think of a better title.

This demo is mainly an experiment to see what I can do with a new rendering
technique and 3D texture-mapped polygons.  There isn't much of a theme other
than "things that look cool in this art style."

Here is a reenactment of how I made this demo:

"Hey, I've got an idea!  Why don't I make a demo with animated 3D characters!
Hmmm...not enough time to learn how to make and export the models.
Why don't I just hard-code everything one vertex at a time?  It's a terribly
nerdy way to make a demo, but it works.

Uh oh, the C runtime libraries are taking up too much space!  I should try to
avoid using any library functions.
Hmmm...I just spent a whole day trying to do that and it isn't working.  I can't
get the file size under 64k if I use the library functions...unless I take out
the audio.  What now?  Do I keep trying to replace the library functions?  Do I
not worry about the file size since it isn't a requirement anyway?  Or do I come
up with a whole new soundtrack at the last minute?"

Clearly the third option is the most fun, so that's what I decided to do.

I did all the code, graphics and music myself.  The exe is compressed with UPX.