Bitslife by Trolls In The Shadows

BitsLife by Wiz from Trolls In The Shadows
                     ( . Y . ) http://tits.haxx.es/

As always, a last minute prod so this READMEPLZORDIE will be real short.
It's unfinished and bad and I should be feel bad but I still wanted to release something, for one time I'm living near a demoparty.
I wanted to try something without raymarching and still have fun.
The music was really rushed, without having made any real tune before by myself, so I had to use sonant-js.
Promise, in the future I'll study the music field more as it was fun (I make the BASS \o/).

The default resolution is the demomachine one, so 1680x1050.
You can modify that in the start of intro.js, then use compile.bat to recompress the intro and run index.html.
Or skip compile.bat and use index-uncompressed.html.

Youth Uprising
The whole demojs team
Popsy Team
and the usual (really sorry, no time)