Suprematism Loop by Introspec & Triebkraft

Authors:	introspec & key-jee^tbk
Full title:	Suprematism Loop (party version)
Compo:		Combined ZX Spectrum Demo/Intro
Requirements:	ZX Spectrum 128K or its clone
Duration:	infinite
Contacts:	zxintrospec@gmail.com

Credits:	original music track "der flaum" (2nd place in "mainstream music" on
		"antique toy 2004") is composed by key-jee^tbk and used with his permission.
		design and programming by introspec.

		ok, this was written from scratch in three nights, and it shows. the code
		is diabolical, the effects are simply not there, the (fake) antialiasing is
		often incorrect, the palettes are broken and no proper platform testing was
		done. basically, the only seriously good thing here is the music. i tested
		this demo to work in two of my emulators (128k classic and pentagon).
		in principle, it should work on most 128k models. i'm hoping to do a post-party
		release, which will fix most of the mentioned issues, esp. the palettes and
		the anti-aliasing. i just need to find time for it.

		this program uses several routines written by other people: megalz decompressor
		by fyrex^mhm, vt2 player by sergey bulba, random number generator and 8-bit
		division routine by milos "baze" bazelides, and several elementary functions
		from the "demomakers bible" compiled by gm_bit @ zx-pk.ru.

		i would like to thank key-jee^tbk for delightful music and generosity,
		diver^4d for stimulating discussions that made me think about the place of
		art in demomaking, riskej for his one-link introduction into colour theory
		and kazimir malevich for being the genius that he was.

		i would also like to thank everyone on zx-pk.ru and worldofspectrum.com/forums/
		for sharing tons of knowledge and inspiring ideas, and also, everyone on
		#3bm who made the online party almost as fun as the real party was.

		the full source code of the demo is available upon a request (although
		you do not really want to look into this one!).

Software used:	SjASMPlus ver.1.07RC8 by Aprisobal, based on the original SjASM code by Sjoerd Mastijn;
		Spectaculator ver.8.0 by Jonathan Needle;
		UnrealSpeccy ver.0.38.0 by SMT;
		MegaLZ ver.4.89 by LVD^MAYhAM;
		Vortex Tracker II ver.1.0 beta 19 by Sergey Bulba;
		FAR ver.2.0 by Eugene Roshal & FAR Group;
		bintap ver.1.1 by infamous BLOOD, with modifications by Volker Bartheld;
		mktap ver.5 by Jan Bobrowski;
		7-zip ver.9.22 beta by Igor Pavlov.