quick bug fix for switch res setting

It doesn't actually byteflip anything

Mod was done by Tiny/Loonies, not Dreamer unlike written in the credits

Panel is easy to use ( beware some values may crash the system ) : 
 -Cross or Analog+Blue to select a preset.
 -Left/Right to reduce/enlarge panel size (gives more precision)
 -Start to show/hide panel
 -Camera Up/Left/Down/Right to change preset value 1/2/3/1-3
 -Camera Up/Left/Down+ Green to reset value to mid.position
 -Trigger to hide Panel and still be able to modify presets value

Some presets:
 -'Select:' to select a node ( most are useless ), use next presets
   to modify transformations ( pos/rot/scl )
 -'Select-hide' to select nodes ( mainly greens & trees ), these 
   nodes may be transformed ( pos/rot ) and hidden
 -'Current Camera', Camera 0 is scripted, can't be modified while 
   the scripts are running, use Cam1 to move around

8megs supported for hires triple buffer and 32bit rendering

No final release planned.