the obstacle test by Squirrelz

 ___              _______              ___
/  //__________ _\\_     \_  _________\\  \
\__           /    /      /__           __/
 _/          /              /           \_
 \___________\ ____________/_____________/
           - s Q U i R R E L Z -

The Obstacle Test is a flash 5.0 prod.

Ideas, flash, drawings and most others
>> Leia

This is just a few lines. 
This anim thingie was made in a few 
hours, just for releasing something 
selfmade once again (hihihi) .

Uh, obstacles removed due to the fact 
that I suddenly had to work:

Tivoli, København
Istedgade, København
Darkhawk as satan

also had to remove the final death of
Osama bin Laden, too bad that. 

Hmm.. oki thats enough bullshit. 

Me, Peaky and Alv have good voices, so
please give us a recorddeal, ok?

GEMINI GILLAR VI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!