Nothing by JAC! [web]

>>> Nothing by JAC! <<<

A 4k nothing for the Atari 2600.
Created on 2013-11-07 for Sillyventure 2013 in Gdansk.

Code by JAC!, sound by Paul Slocum.

I had great ideas, plenty of time and motivation.
I even had my tickets trip to visit Sillyvenure already.

Then real life came in my way with three hard months.
The hardest three months in remember in 10 years of business.

Finally I made up my mind an accepted that being at
Sillyventure and meeting Grey and all the other Atarians
personally without a release is still much better than
having a release but no party.

Tonight I decided that if I have to come with Nothing,
then it should fit in 4k and run on the VCS :-)
So I ripped the code from Beam Racer, put in one of the
effects I had planned for the real release made it work
from midnight to 3:00 am.

Greetings to Grey, KK, Visy, Tjoppen, SvOlli, Shadow, Peiselulli.
And of course to Ilmarque and Jakub: remember, you have
the power to save the ears of so many Atarians. You all know
how bad evem my graphics skill are, don't force me into composing ;-)

Cheers, JAC!