Fade1K02 by Busysoft

 Party: JHcon 2013
  Date: 06-08.12.2013
 Scene: ZX Spectrum
 Compo: 1k intro
  Work: Fade 1kB multicolor edition
   Req: ZX Spectrum 128/+2/+2A/+3
   Who: Graphics: Busy, Music: Noro
 Email: busy@napri.sk noro@napri.sk

Greetings for all JHcon 2013 visitors !!!

This is the first multicolor intro (maybe ever).
It runs in resolution 64x48 pixels, 8 colors per pixel.

You can see 32 textures in size 16x16 for sprites
and the same textures but size 64x48 for background.

There are a short AY 50Hz music, 52 seconds long.
Music routine takes 158 bytes and data 127 bytes.

Due to different timing and layout of contended ram banks
on 128/+2 and +2A/+3, the intro comes in two versions:
first one compiled for 128/+2 and second one for +2A/+3.
You can run both version on both types of computer,
but on wrong type of comp you get destroyed multicolor.
In the TAP file, there are both version of intro
with simple program for detect right type of computer.

On BSDOS, code of the selected intro is runable by NEW.

                                   Busy and Noro.