NVite by Kewlers [web]

                Scene.org and NVIDIA invites you to                           
                           NVSCENE 2014

                San Jose McEnery Convention Center,
                     San Jose, California, USA

                  25th to the 27th of March, 2014


We. Are. Back. It's been six years since NVScene 2008 changed the
US demoparty landscape forever. With legendary compos, excellent
seminars and tech talks, and a tight integration into the NVISION
event held by NVIDIA, NVScene 2008 was truly a special thing.

Now, 6 years later, Scene.org in cooperation with NVIDIA is back
to bring you NVScene 2014. Arranged during the NVIDIA GTC convention, 
there is yet again a shared interest in visual computing and real-
time graphics that brings a completely unique demo party event to

At the time of writing, we have the following compos confirmed:

                  - PC Demo (WebGL allowed)
             - Android Demo (most support Shield)
                  - 4K Executable Graphics

There will be at least one more compo, so keep up with the news
about the party on Facebook, Twitter or on our mailing list and

Party features include free food and drinks, free entrance to
the GTC exhibitions, 24/7 open event venue, kick-ass PA and 
projection system, compos, demo shows, talks and seminars with
well-known demosceners and technologists!

If you're interested in attending or speaking, do not hesitate
to get in touch (see below for contact info) - we hope to see you


        Social: twitter.com/nvscene - facebook.com/nvscene
              Web / mailng list signup: nv.scene.org
                    GTC: www.gputechconf.com