NQ4K by Aesrude

   .-----.       .-----.         .----. 
   | .-. |  .-----.--. |    .---.| .--' 
   | '-' |---..---'--' |-. .-.   \ '--. 
   | ,-, |.--''---.  .-' | | ||\  |.--' 
   | | | |'--.--. ||\ \| | | || | |'--. 
   '-' '-'.--'--' |' '-' | | |'-' |---' 
        | '--.----'    | '-' |----'     
        '----'         '-----'          
                N  Q  4  K

A bad naming choice made at 7 am after a
long night now haunts me.

Welcome to NQ4K by your friendly
neighborhood one man army Nightlord of
Aesrude. This is my first attempt at
making a 4K PC intro. I have been
wanting to do this for quite a while
now. Having done one crappy 64K before,
trying a 4K felt like the natural next
step. This one is not entirely rocket
science either but it turned out quite
OK for my liking.

I attempted to do this thing in the span
of about 11 hours and failed to get it
under 12K. At that fateful moment I
called it "Not Quite 4K".  Well now it
really is 4K (and does a zillion more
things than the 12K version) and the
name doesn't fit. Oh well.

Of course I had to learn shit load of
things in the process (which is
good). Learned vc++ options more deeply
than before, learned to use Crinkler and
learned a lot about how the compiler
generates asm code.  I studied the
example frameworks that iq put out, but
I went for writing my own framework from
scratch (after all the goal is to
learn). Since I am quite allergic to
opengl and dx9 from an API standpoint, I
used d3d10 (this proved to be a wrong
choice for 4K, next time I think I will
use opengl). I also wrote my own soft
synth. Also I am equally allergic to
d3dx and therefore I use my own math
classes. So cut me some slack.

it's funny to note that I think my soft
synth here is way better than my soft
synth in my 64K demo :) you make... you

Special thanks to iq for all the info on
his webpage, Mentor and Blueberry for

Greets fly out to 7dx organisers,
Glance, Crescent, Bronx, Return, Zomco,
Resident, Infect, Demodojo, Goblins,
Ret, ASD, RGBA, TBC, Booze Design,
Fairlight, Triad, Resource, Oxyron,
Camelot, Chorus, and others I may have