Eternal Dream of Beauty by Still [web]

Still-minus 1 >> Eternal Dream of Beauty

for nvScene 2014

alx     >> design
pixtur  >> design
nero    >> additional design
jco     >> soundtrack
cynic   >> code
pirx    >> code

made with tooll2 developed by cynic, pirx, and pixtur

uses directx, .net4.0, bass, newtonsoft json, sharpdx

This release started as a warm-up to get our latest member alx up to speed 
with our content-creation framework Tooll2. But driven by JCO's awesome 
soundtrack, we got out of the coffin and used all the color saved for our 
upcoming 5 releases.

And before sending us hatemails on topics other than colors, fonts and 
unicorn-animations, please remember: 
"Even God has a sense of humor. Just look at the platypus." 

Find background-information and captures on  >> www.still-scene.org

Eternal Dream of Beauty is released under Creative Commons Attribution: 

You are free:
to share: to copy, distribute and transmit the work
to remix: to adapt the work
to make commercial use of the work

Under the following conditions:
Attribution: You must attribute the work with the credits listed above.

- nvidia/ati graphics card that supports directx 11.1
- .net 4.0
- install directX 9 and directX 11
- latest driver you can get for your graphics card
- win7 or win8

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Personal Greetings

cynic  >>   acryl, admiral, alien, ava, axel, bodo, boyc, captain chaos, chaos,
            cp, cyclone, dalezy, delirium, digisnap, dipswitch, dq, dreamer,
            droid, erium, eyebex, fuzzel, gargaj, helge, hellfire, hypo, iq, k,
            krill, matt,melwyn, molle, muhmac, nero, netpoet, noname, pandur,
            pos, poti, ps, ramses, sheijk, silicium, sire, styx, titus,
            visualice, wayfinder, xenon, xni, xxx, zoom

pirx   >>   krili, admiral, alien, bika, bodo, boyc, chaos, dalezy, digi, 
            drumhead, duckers, eyebex, gloom, gopher, gargaj, helge, iq, k,
            krill, mad, melwyn, navis, nero, netpoet, noncolor, pandur,
            phoenix, ramses, ronny, sheijk, silicium, sire, tajo, titus,
            trixter, virgill, wayfinder, xni, xxx, xylobiont, zoom

pixtur >>   lena, admiral, alien, alex, bodo, bonzaj, chaos, cp, dalezy,
            digisnap, dipswitch, dq, eric, fiver2, gargaj, gizmo, gloom,
            gopher, h2o, helge, hunta, hypo, iq, k, kb, krill, mr.pet, muhmac,
            navis, niko & nicolai, nosfe, nytric, pandur, poti, preacher,
            ramses, ronny, rp, ryg, seven, shakul, sheijk, sire, styx, steeler,
            titus & bodo, tobi, unc, visualice, wayfinder, xxx, zoom

nero   >>   in no order: Espen, Digi, Helge, Mad, Krill, Degauss, Ramses,
            Madstop, Sniper, Ray, Sire, Admiral, Alien, Silicium, Titus, Bodo,
            Ramboy, Sharon, Skyphos, Pandur, Made, Unreal, Bonzaj, Statix,
            Gargaj, Dalezy, Motu, Wayfinder, Chaos, Virgill, Fiver2, Noogman, 
            Sheijk, Cyclone, Acryl, Rayden, Hunta, Titus, Nerdarzt and all
            forgotten ones.