Second Reality by Future Crew

³                                                                             ³
³                             = Second Reality =                              ³
³                                                                             ³
³                     Copyright (C) 1993 by the Future Crew                   ³
³                                                                             ³
³                                                                             ³
³                     Released on the 7th of October 1993                     ³
³                                                                             ³
³                        This demo won the Assembly'93                        ³
³                    annual international demo competition                    ³
³                        held in Finland, summer 1993.                        ³
³                                                                             ³
³                            This demo is freeware.                           ³
³             It can be freely distributed without modifications.             ³
³                       No money can be charged for it.                       ³
³                                                                             ³


	Second Reality is distributed in two ZIP files named:

		2NDREAL1.ZIP and

	You must unpack both zip-files to the same directory before
	the demo can be run. After unpacking, you should have the
	following files:

                README.1ST      - This file
		SECOND.EXE	- Demo executable file
		REALITY.FC	- Demo data file
                FCINFO10.TXT    - Information about future crew
                FILE_ID.DIZ     - BBS file descriptions (one in both zips)


        This demo requires a 80386 processor and 570 000 bytes of
        free conventional memory.

        With Sound Blaster and Sound Blaster Pro you will need an
        additional 1 megabyte of EMS. With the Gravis UltraSound
        and the No Sound-option no EMS is needed. You can choose
	the desired sound card and the mixing frequency from the
	SETUP screen when you run the demo.

        To be able to really experience this demo, we recommend that
        you have a 486-based machine, a fast VGA card and a sound card.
	If your machine is 386-based, the demo will work, but many 
	parts slow down and the demo simply looks worse.

        If you have a DOLBY SURROUND decoder/amplifier hooked up to
        your hi-fi set, have it on-line while running this demo and
        you will get some cool surround sound effects.
        (Surprisingly, does not work with the normal Sound Blaster).


        You can start the demo from five different points by adding
        a correct command line parameter at your DOS prompt after
        typing the SECOND.EXE (, for example C:\> SECOND 3).
        Here is the list:

                1       Starts the demo from the very beginning
                        (the same as without any parameter)
                2       Starts from the title screen
                3       Starts from the landscape scroller
                4       Starts from the vectorpart
                5       Starts from the end credits

        If you want to run this demo in an endless loop, for example
	at a computer exhibition, be sure to enable the Loop-option.
	When looping, the end scroller will not be displayed, and the
	demo will restart automatically after the credits.

        You can find more information and a few hints from the SETUP-
        screen by running the SECOND.EXE.

        To learn more about Future Crew and a lot of other things,
        read the FCINFO10.TXT !