Webfest by Jum Hig

Webfest v1.2

Jum Hig 2008

Webfest is a game based on Tempest, and is meant as an example for E3D cross-platform 3D Scene library. It was also supposed to be a testbed for different gameplay ideas for "tunnel shooter" type games, but as you will see, Webfest is only slightly different from Tempest because I have run out of time to experiment with my other gamepay ideas.

Webfest was originally released as an entry in GBAX 2007 competition, in an alpha state.

Please read manual.txt for instructions on how to play Webfest.

It has only been tested on my PSP with 3.02 OE-B custom firmware.

Install by copying the webfest folder to  /PSP/GAME on your PSP. (Other destinations might work too).

As usual, comments and suggestions are welcome.

- James Higgs (aka Jum)

v1.2 (24/03/2008)
    - If killed while going down tube, now go to next level.
    - Pressing start key (fire) in title screen is disabled for 50 frames (avoids immediate restart after hi-score screen)
    - Fixed UFO behaviour
    - Adjusted spawning of enemies to improve playability
    - Player takes energy hit if spike reaches top
    - Shooting red flippers as they recede gives 5x points/charge
v1.1 (25/12/2007) "Xmas Edition"
    - Fixed webs 17 to 20 (were all flat before)
    - Added enemy spawn data for levels 17 to 20
    - Player ship can take 1 hit if charge meter is full
    - Added camera shake if player is hit
    - Added "BARRIER" and "UFO" enemies
v1.0 (10/2007) "Beta"
    - Updated sound fx.
    - Added charge meter
    - Other fixes
v0.1a (2007) "GBAX 2007" entry
    - Initial version