A-MEN RETURN
                        Assembly 2000 pc demo competion

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    Uses BASS Audio library by Ian Luck. Copyright (c) 1999-2000. 

    'A-Men Return' the demo is copyright(c) 2000 by A-Men PC 1994-2000

- Credits

    code. bca        
     gfx. SolarC     
   music. Acen       
- .word.

 damm, i feel tired. after 48 hours of demo coding this is the result.
 it misses quite a lot of features/scenes but since the deadline is approx.
 1 hour from now, we simply dont have any time to finish this.

 in other words, the FINAL VERSION will be out in couple weeks.
 and yes this demo would be also know as "Agent Orange 2000" since it
 features a unique 3D SCENE from Agent Orange demo which was realeased
 couple years ago by mr.studley

 anyway, hope it works and enjoy the show.

- .required.

a damm fast computer like pentium 2/3 whit atleast 32mb of memory.
for 3d card you need something which supports Direct3D. works fine on
Voodoo2. Hope it works fine on the competion machine since we had no time
to make any general testing during devoloping this demo.

- .contact.
www.            no we dont have any website.
email.          bca    - jens.vihavainen@kolumbus.fi
Snailmail:      Jens Vihavainen
                Kullerontie 5
                01350 Vantaa          

- .greetz.

 dvb, sol, virne, reve, spector, penguin, basisti, unreal, aktion, wode,
 los, salami and all from the #coders irc chanel.

 and also special greetings fly to mr.kemppainen, mr.huovinen, mr. oZZi

 also we like to remember following groups

 Five Coders

 and all those people/groups who are still keeping in the demoscene alive.

 / bca