CubeGrid by BJAKKE

CubeGrid by BJAKKE

3D Grid, for x,y,z -> tee juttuja
FFT, fast fourier transform -> synkkaa musaa effekteihin / kuutioiden koko
Kamera pyörii sini+kosini + taikavakiot

Processing 2.2.1 + toxiclibs, http://toxiclibs.org/about/, 3D vektori

Biisi: "For a Better Days", albumilta "Another Chance", tekijä: Freaky, http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/78489/for-a-better-days
Graffathonissa annettuja esimerkkikoodeja hyödynnetty kattavasti

Released at Graffathon 2014

This demo uses Processing (http://processing.org).

Requires a working Java 7 installation to run.

On Windows:
 - run demo.exe on 64-bit machines
 - run demo32.exe on 32-bit machines

On Linux / Mac (must run from sources):
 - install Processing (v. 2.2.1+)
 - move data/ under demo/
 - open demo/demo.pde in Processing
 - run demo by pressing CTRL-Shift-R!

Some Graffathon demos require Moonlander and/or Toxiclibs.
If you get import errors when running from sources, install
the mentioned libraries from the following urls:

- http://github.com/anttihirvonen/moonlander
- http://toxiclibs.org/downloads/

(If these url's don't work, use Google.)