MORPHONIC LAB XIII : CONTARUM : Invitation by Checkpoint [web]

MORPHONIC LAB XIII : CONTARUM : Invitation : Evoke 2014 Partyversion

System: Atari Jaguar(PAL)

Group:  Checkpoint

Please watch on real hardware(PAL) or the video-capture,
the emulator timings are totally wrong.

Sometimes the demo hangs - just power off & power on,
this should fix it.
Also there are some video-glitches in some parts.
Remember - this is a party version done in a very short period of time.

code      lsl
music     balog/sardh
adpcm     kalms/tbl (dsp decoder by lsl)
graphics  mOdmate
3d-design XiA
design    lsl & mOdmate
artwork   Joe Lehmann
packer    nrv2e by Markus F.X.J. Oberhumer

ADPCM decoder based on the reference model
by the Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

video-vq coding scheme based on ideas by Algorithm/Onslaught

original clown artwork by Victor Feenstra (320x200, 70 STf colors version by mOdmate)

video footage by Krautmovies

This demo uses a multi-threading demo-os,
running 2 threads on 68000(multi-vbl technique (tm)Equinox),
additionally GPU & DSP, all in parallel.

Some parts use a quadruple screens technique to allow GPU & 68000 rendering in parallel.

The music runs at 21KHz, 16bit stereo, ADPCM encoded stream(full DSP decoder).

The GPU/Blitter texturemapper doesn't run at full speed, still some parts can be optimized more.

The 3D-isosurface isn't also fully optimized yet and it's still buggy, what a pity.

Special greetings
Reboot, DBUG, Algorithm, ggn, CJ, SCPCD, sh3, zerosquare, shamus, the Virtual Jaguar folks
DHS, Escape, tSCc, Onslaught, Mystic Bytes, PHF, Sector1, MJJ-Prod, Dune
Lineout, ECG, MEC, Farbrausch, Smash Designs, Rabenauge, Reflex
#atariscne #jagware #dbug #c-64

Mega thanks to sh3 for the Jaguar & Skunkboard!

More mega thanks to NO/Escape for lending his Jaguar to lsl!

Thanks to insane/tSCc for pointing us to the great nrv2e packer!

Hugs & free beer to sh3 for video-capturing!

Balog wants to greet:
The guys from SARDH

lsl wants to greet: 
my parents, 2xJens, Eric, Detlef, defjam, Torsten, Nils, the 2 Joergs, Herve, Per, Frank, Bauchi, Marcel, Reinhard,
Naveed, Kevin, Georges, Lawrence, Arne, Alwin, Viktoria, Claudio, Fischi, Markus, Uli, Thomas, Goldi, Fred,
and all my folks from my local pub!

XiA wants to say:
"Walking man" 3D model is a manual remeshing based on a model made by blender_player.
greetings to checkpoint for being great guys!

mOdmate wants to say:
ich bin vollkommen zufrieden.
was selten vorkommt :-)

Checkpoint are:
505      (Germany)   music
Exocet   (France)    graphics,3D
defjam   (Germany)   code
XiA      (Sweden)    code,graphics,music,3D
Mr.Coke  (Germany)   code,graphics,music,3D
mOdmate  (Germany)   graphics,music,code
Joe Cool (Germany)   hardware,music
lsl      (Germany)   code,music

Contact & more info
email:    lsl@quantentunnel.de
facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lsl.lsl.9

See you at Sillyventure 2014 in Gdansk/Poland!

Checkpoint : Atari ST : Atari Jaguar : Gameboy Advance : Nintendo DS : Palm-OS : PC