Smash It by Elix

         Smash It
    Elix at TRSAC 2014

        on fucking

- Ferris - cTrix - Alien -

SUPER RUSHED PARTY VERSION ALERT!!! This means there are a couple bugs. Oh well :) A final
probably won't appear; time to start the next one already ^^

Made mostly in a mad dash to the deadline after spending way too much time making tools XD
Many emu's are pretty picky with this, particularly with timing/sync; in general higan works
and the rest might :) At least we got some more platform exploration out of it, and a pretty
sick set of tools for later ;)

NTSC version may or may not come soon.

Greetings to:
 . Youth Uprising
 . Outracks
 . Disaster Area
 . Paradox
 . Genesis*Project
 . Desire
 . Titan
 . Brainstorm
 . Mercury
 . Snorpung
 . Ümlaüt Design
 . bitFlavour
 . Andromeda Software Development
 . Conspiracy
 . Farbrausch
 . Plastic
 . MFX
 . Traction
 . Northern Dragons
 . Trailer Park Demos
 . Gravity
 . TBC
 . Loonies
 . Portal Process
 . Kvasigen
 . Nazareth Creations (fucking lamers)
 . PlayPsyCo
 . Kvasigen
 . Gravity
 . Quite
 . Keyboarders
 . Shitfaced Clowns
 . Spaceballs
 . Ephidrena
 . Darklite

P.S. I realized I forgot to mention beware, nitro2k01 and nordloef way back for their help
along the way when I was making Demon Blood / YUP, so HUGE THANKS to you guys and sorry for
not mentioning it sooner. <3

More SNES demos soon to come!! ^^