EmuCamp World - Act II


ecworld was distributed along with most downloads on Emulation Camp around 1997-1999.
Babyloon made the software and I created the level. 

The music are using HSC-Tracker 1.4 (C)1993/94 by Zwerg Zwack and Chicken
I don't know who made the music tracks. The filenames for the music tracks are'

	1869CARI.HSC 6,196 bytes
	1869DANG.HSC 9,652 bytes
    1869INTR.HSC 11,956 bytes
    SUMERFUN.HSC 18,868 bytes (main track)

The game unfortunately relies on keyboard repeat delay/rate to act in a way which doesn't seem properly emulated by DosBox?
- the repeat delay may have been faster in MSDOS 6.22 that what DosBox uses
- more importantly, on sequences like hold-left,hold-right,release-left, the "right" doesn't get repeated in DosBox.
It makes EcWorld harder and more frustrating to play that it used to be in MS DOS 6.22.
I don't know if there&s a DosBox setting for what..