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                 ± Velvet Studio - Additional information ±

°±² General Information ²±°

Velvet Studio is from version 2.0 and on a shareware product ONLY. This
means that no more PRO versions will be sold. However, we have a few
printed manuals left that we will seel quite cheap. Contact us for more
information, or visit our homepage to keep updated. The address is:


For version 2.01 we have now updated the helpfile to include information
about the sample editor and effect editor too, as found in the printed

°±² Command line switches ²±°

Velvet Studio now supports command line input. There is currently only one
option that can be toggled from the command line, but it could be useful.


 -f  Forces VS to skip autodetection routines and whatever soundcard
     information there is in the config file. Instead you will be able to
     configure the soundcard immediately when you enter the program. Use
     this if VS locks due to faulty soundcard detection or configuration,
     maybe because you changed soundcards. Instead of removing the entire
     config file you can now keep our old settings and just reconfigure the

°±² MIDI Input ²±°

MIDI input is now supported, but for Gravis Ultrasound MIDI interface only.
MPU-401 support will be implemented as soon as the programmers get the
device in their hands.
  Also, more MIDI features are planned in the future. Look at this version
as just a little preview of the MIDI support (doesn't filter channels, no
program change support etc etc).

°±² Known Bugs ²±°

 * If you have an Apricot Xen-PCm you might have problems with the mouse.
   Any ideas why?

 * If you encounter that the Echo Editor gives garbage results sometimes,
   increase the number of commands on the specific pattern by one. The
   autoresize function is a bit buggy.

 * The DOS Shell function works well on most systems, but on some it
   freezes the computer. If your computer locks, try pressing CTRL+BREAK.
   This helps in some cases.

 * The CD-ROM routines might be a bit buggy on some computers. We have
   discovered that SCSI CD-ROMS may hang the computer if accessed.
   The EJECT button in the sample editor don't work very well.

 * Using Microsoft Mouse Driver might not work on some computers. Please
   try another mouse driver. We've got no solution to this problem.

 * GUS PnP soundcard is not yet implemented. However, running it as a
   normal GUS Classic should work without problems, except for sample
   recording (will probably crash). Support will come shortly.

 * There is something wrong with the SB Amplification when running in
   16 bit mode. We will try to fix this as soon as possible, and until
   then you will have to turn up the volume on your stereo instead.

°±² Troubleshooting ²±°

Problem:    The tracker just hangs after the program is loaded.

Solution 1: There is probably an error in the environment variables
            describing your soundcard. Run Velvet Studio with option /f
            to force manual soundcard configuration.

Solution 2: There is an error in the config file. Remove the VS.CFG file
            to get a default configuration.

Solution 3: Edit your AUTOEXEC.BAT and change the values to the correct
            ones, or remove that line.

Problem:    You get FATAL IRQ messages when loading/saving a tune.

Solution 1: Change IRQ and/or DMA channel in the config.

Solution 2: Disable DMA transfer in the config. (IRQ errors may disappear
            if you restart the tracker...
      NOTE: If this happens when you are about to save the song, get into
            the soundcard setup and disable the PlayDMA, and press CANCEL.
            This is a special feature only made for this reason.

Problem:    The graphics looks weird somewhere in the tracker, or the
            update is very slow.

Solution 1: Unload all TSR programs that may affect the graphics (try a
            clean boot)
Solution 2: Buy a faster Graphics card (if update is slow)

Solution 3: Test another mousedriver.

            If it still doesn't look good, contact the programmers!

Problem:    The tracker won't work or behaves very unstable under DPMI.

Solution:   There may be weird problems under some DPMIs. Many DPMI
            drivers out there are anywhere from a little to extremely
            buggy.  If you suspect your DPMI driver, try running without
            it, or under a different DPMI driver.

Problem:    I don't understand English.

Solution:   Go find someone to translate this troubleshooting guide to you.

Problem:    The QEMM's Stealth function doesn't seem to work with the
Solution:   Remove the Stealth feature, or run another memory manager.

Problem:    When using MIDI styled keyboard in the tracker, I can't
            press as many keys simultaneous that I want.

Solution:   All keyboards doesn't support multiple keypresses, so buy
            a new keyboard or don't use multiple keypresses.

Problem:    I've made a tune in a previous version of the tracker, and
            when playing it in this version it sounds wrong.

Solution:   There was a bug in all prior versions of the tracker that
            now is corrected. The bug only appear if you have changed
            the C4Rate (former C2Rate) and are using slides and/or
            vibrato. You have to change the song so that it sounds
            correct. Sorry for this inconvenience. (Should only appear
            if you have used versions prior to 1.0)

Problem:    I don't have any money for the shareware fee.

Solution:   Ask your mummy to pay.

Problem:    I don't like when you make fun of me.

Solution:   Eat my shorts, dude.

If you still have problems, contact Velvet Development!

                                                              Velvet staff