Engine by Epoch [web]

Engine by Epoch
Epoch demo for Pc demo competition at Payback 2015.

"Rushed as always, unfinished as always"

This demo should be run as close to 60Hz as possible. Don't bother watching if you're:
- Graphically limited (Radeon 5570 is enough for 720p)
- Wee little girl (turning down the volume is not allowed)

sm..........  code (superhero), design and stuff
noby........  music , code (antihero), design, direction
dysposin....  graphics, design

aspekt, peisik, kewlers, mfx, g-incorporated, adinpsz, gluster, pants^2, flo, byterapers

Additional respects to
halcyon, orange, tpolm, calodox, pan sonic