green by Gyrzoon

this sucks.


1.  the 3d code is .. *interesting* .. no z sorting, only a strange
approximation of backface removal.  no surface/vector normals.  no actual
gouraud shading.  and so on.  but it fits.  that's the main thing.  i'm
pretty sure it'd be impossible to use this code for a decent object (ie
a non-cube).

2.  it's all in green.

3.  we had something to do with the production of it.

4.  vic didn't.

5.  we can't code even at the best of times, and this was done in a day
and a bit.

6.  we're from a coding challenged nation.

7.  it's all in green.

8.  two coders working simultaneously on the same file is not a good way
to go.

9.  blood alcohol content of 0 throughout the entire production process.

10.  it's all in green.

11.  there are 11 things wrong with it.

we, the authors/coders, hereby deny all knowledge of this intro.