New View 48K by Conscience

New View 48K

A demo for ZX Spectrum 48K + AY (currently supported are 48K and 128K/+2)

Presented at Forever 2015 - March 13-15, 2015

Design and main code by Alone Coder / Conscience, NedoPC
Main gfx by Trixs / Conscience
Intro by TK90X Fan / Conscience
Bigscreen pic by Louisa / Conscience
End pic by hippiman / Conscience
Font by nitrofurano / Conscience
Music by nq / skrju, Conscience

Thanks to the rest of Conscience for moral support!

The demo was started in August 2014 with some of the effects planned long before.
By January 2015, the script was ready, and the team started to gather.
The files were hosted at nq's shared folder.
All the gfx was drawn according to the script and design sketches.
The music was finished the same day as the code, synchronizing one to another and vice versa.

All the scenes are realtime, no converted GIFs nor vertex animation nor something like that.
Vector car scene works just as you might have thought and has 28 objects in it.
Skyscrapper scenes are depacked on-fly (special packer was written for this).
The process of developing and debugging the ball record was documented in 86-step debug log. 19 versions of sines and 21 colour schemes were tested, just 3 remained in the demo.
There are 415 KB (24154 lines) of assembly sources, and 22 KB (1615 lines) of extra code that was written but left unused.