Prelude by Nostalgia [web]

Info file for Prelude, a demo by Nostalgia

---( last minute warning )-----------------------------------------------------


On some not 100% VESA 2.0 compliant cards, without UniVBE loaded the demo
displays a nice black screen after a while. We were not able to make it work on
all cards. But with UniVBE loaded, there should not be a problem.

---( the story )---------------------------------------------------------------
Finally, after a year and a half, Nostalgia has returned in a demo compo. Like
everyone, we wanted to return with a smashing demo, but as Sparcus is the only
active effects coder at the moment, we simply didn't have enough effects to
make it into a winner. However, we at least made sure the demo system works
(almost), and it should be easier now to make better products in the future.

Since not all members are present at the party and this infofile is a last
minute creation we left out a lot of (not so very) important stuff and persons.

---( some legal bla bla )------------------------------------------------------

As for the legal stuff: this demo is freeware, and owned by Nostalgia. You are
not allowed to charge money for it, and it may not be published on any digital
medium without our written consent. This product is subject to national and
international copyright laws.

---( Nostalgia is... )---------------------------------------------------------

    Far ng      - 3D
    JAL         - additional coding
    LaSerDance  - immoral support
    Primal      - graphics
    The REW     - music
    Sparcus     - main coding

---( personal greetings )------------------------------------------------------

Far ng's personal greetings go to:

    The New Order guys - you supply the Dutch food, I'll supply the Thai
        whiskey (and more ;) )
    Artman - too bad I beat you in the raytrace compo ;)
    Skylla - getting better every day

JAL's personal greetings go to (in a decreasingly random order):

    Jeffrey "Mr. Logic" Exterkate - lucky for you, Dutch law still has 12 the
        minimum age
    Egbert "SimStim" Botterman - great stage performance (do you even
    Tim "Tim" Heuperman - great stage backup dancer (see you're not too old)
    Arnout "Cremator" Van Der Kamp - okay, she was too short, too young and too
        fat, but at least you scored
    All my fellow Nostalgia members - this was the prelude - now let's go for
        the main part!
    Tjerk "Seppe" Hoffmeijer - your music taste is not so bad - at least you
        didn't run away
    Roland "Scout" Van Oorschot - too bad you didn't see all those fresh young
    Andreas "The Scorp" Verburg - thanx for lending us those loudspeakers
    Leo "Big L" Van Miert - looks do not say everything - there is a lot to say
        for a good taste of music
    Michael "Badvibes" Van Leent - too bad I was here without your consent
    Josbert "Piro" Van De Zande - I keep forgetting your name (but now I've
        written it down, so I can check this info file next time)

LaSerDance's personal greetings go to:

    'stagedancing'  SimStim / AcmE
    'master driver' Cremator
    'italo-meister' Tim / SuccesS
    'rapkabouter'   Harlequin / SuccesS
    'red bull team' The Peric & El-mar

    And to all the 'strakke' little girls I stared at at 'le Magnifique'.

Primal's personal greeting go to:

    noone at the moment (Primal could not be reached before this info file was

The REW's personal greetings go to:

    noone at the moment (The REW is partying his ass off, but not at

Sparcus' personal greetings go to:

    New Order - No explanation needed :)
    All sceners from 'Twente' who somehow seem to turn up at every party
        I go to. What is it with those guys, don't they have something
        better to do? ;-) Especially Piro for driving me to all those
        cool parties ;-)
    Multiplex  - We still didn't take a drink together at
        the bar to celibrate your birthday :) (BTW, WE WANT CHEESE!!!!!)
    The TBL guys - For keeping me awake all night with their loud music
        so I was able to "finish" the demo in time...
    Sleeping Dog - How would a party look like without that belgian guy ;-)
    Harlequin - Hey, why aren't you here playing carmaggedon or to "ram
        gabbers"? ;-)
    Simstim - Next time you're looking for a sleeping place, please don't
        take the place where I'm supposed to be working on my demo :)
    Aap & Vic - What happened? Are you guys getting scared of partying? ;-)
    Snowman - Now you know why you hardly got any reviews from me lately,
        I'll send some new ones soon...

---( the end  )----------------------------------------------------------------

    This is, indeed, the end of this info file. We hope to see you soon, until
    then, have a nice life (or jump in front of a train for all we care).