Very Channel by The GRiD [web]

Well, I should write something about it...

I DON'T KNOW ;->>> : I've made this demo using following configuration: 
Celeron 300, 128 MB RAM, Riva TNT2 M64 32 MB. "Very channel" surely won't
run on VooDoo 1 & 2 graphic cards(stencil buffer used).

VERY.INI file syntax
1st line - horizontal resolution
2nd line - vertical resolution
3rd line - vertical frame interval
First two lines describes screen resolution. Demo won't recognize unsupported
resolutions so you my dear reader have to care about this :). Third line
contains the lowest number of frames between following screen updates.
0 in this line means no vertical synchronization, 1 for normal synchronization,
100 and above - you must be a real slideshows fan :).

Mastiff - code
Revisq - music
Biter, Flow, Lester, Mime - graphics

Libraries used:
BASS 0.9
Intel JPEG Library