#vologda8df by b-state

#vologda8df by wbc\\b-state - 2nd in fast'n'wild @ multimatorgaf'2o15
v.1.000000000000001 - fixed for EGA compatibility :)

yes, intro uses mode 0Dh (320x200 16c planar) which is possible
on EGA also, however because of dirty partycoding I uses some VGA features
that made it looks ugly on EGA cards, now it fixed ;)

also added "fix" switch (lowercase only!) for lucky ;) owners of ATi\Matrox
cards that have flawed PEL panning. type "v8df fix" and enjoy :)
(also helps with most EGA cards)

greets to everybody but not for lvd and AAA - GO FUCK YOURSELF MORONS

sources are included (99% turbo pascal 7)

wbw, wbc^bz7, oq.o8.7df (shit, 3 weeks before cc'2o15!)