Boing by Desire [web]

"Boing" by HellMood / DESiRE
256 Byte Demo for MSDOS
Showed first at QBParty 2015

Runs on MSDOS / WinXP Dos / DosBox

this was coded in a few hours, it is not
really optimized and maybe horrible even!

This shows a BALL, so you better check the
aspect ratio of your screen. Watch it in 4:3!
For DosBox, set "aspect=true" in the config
(a sample config for DosBox is included)

After finishing my two entries for "Outline 2015"
i read about the deadline for the 256b compo
of "QBParty". There were a few hours left, and
i decided just to to a little *something* to at
least show - well - something :D When you come
from 128b optimization insanity, coding 256b stuff
feels quite relaxing :D

... how it looked before "homecoded" and
"Ramon B5" of DESiRE came up with suggestions.

and afterwards ("Boing" on WinXP Dos)

Shame on me, i didn't really know all the details
about the Amiga Ball before, so regarding that,
my take on it looks rather crappy. A better version
is of course in the making ;)

Greets and Respect go to : 
homecoded, rrrola, frag, Baudsurfer, Optimus, p01
Sensenstahl, Whizart, g0blinish, Rudi, orbitaldecay,
igor, Drift and all Desire members =)