Hyper Armageddon Preview by Cosine [web]

Some background information:
In 2006, I wrote a little game prototype on the GBA, "Shooterthing" (see last year's winner at the Gravedigger Compo at Nordlicht). It had these amazing graphics by Mermaid, but it was never finished. 
Right afterwards, and a few months before the official launch date, I got a Wii through my job, and some crude development setup. I had to sign a ton of NDAs, I hated the platform, so I wrote "Stroker" for it, just to emphasize my total lack of respect for this console and promised myself I'd never touch it again. Oh well. :-)
However, I needed an entry for tUM 2008, so I was looking through my old sources, and I found that starfield from the intro of "Shooterthing". I always loved starfields; in fact, the very first thing I wrote for the PC was one, Turbo Pascal, 1989. Although my math skills are even more basic than yours, I added rotation, and instantly, it looked like "Mega Apocalypse" on the C64. Some internet research revealed there was a version for the SNES in the works, it was never released, but the music was finished. I managed to play it on the GBA, and I added more and more graphics and elements from the game.
Then real life struck, tUM was getting closer and closer, and the game was anything but finished. I released "Stroker" instead, which was on my harddisk for a year or so. Surprisingly enough, people liked it, I arranged myself with the Wii, and totally forgot about this game. 

Anyway, here's what I had back then.

Widdy, June 2015.