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     .--------. .--------.   .---.
     `-----.   |`------.  `.  \   \
           |   |        |  |.--    \
           |   |.------´   .`---    \
           `---´`---------´      `---` 

<<               R E C E D E              >>

This our  contribution to the 4K intro compo
at Assembly 2015 demo party.

To run the intro, you'll need a 64-bit Intel
system  with  MacOS X 10.9.x and a fast GPU,
such as an ATI HD7950 or an NVidia GTX780.

Before  running the compo versions, set your
display to the correct  resolution in system
settings.  Also,  please  ignore  the  error
messages - it's normal. :D

Decompressing  the intro and pre-rending the
audio  can take up to five  minutes or  even
longer, so please be patient.

If you are unable to run the  compo versions
on your system, try the "compatibility" ones
instead.  They use the standard  linker, set
the resolution for you and exit cleanly.