Tanks Furry RK DEMO by Project R3D

Tanks Furry v.0.3a special retrokomp 2015 Demo Edition!
Please notice that the game isnt finished, many things will change
in the future ;)

Amiga 1200, to avoid some sound troubles
please start game without startup-sequence.

Game was tested on:
amiga 1200 4mb fast, amiga 1200 blizzard 040/40 16mb fast.

Pawel Nowak (juen) - ASM code!
Krzysztof Matys (koyot1222) - gfx
Marcin Swiech (doomer)- sfx

Contact us: krzyskoy@wp.pl

- version 0.2a and 0.3a of game, dont have title menu, just hit button fire
to start the game.
- move tank by pressing joystick or joypad direction
- shoot tanks by pressing fire button
- end of game - destroy all enemy tanks until they destroy your base.

S-speed-increase your speed
D-defence-temporary tank defence
P-power-increase your fire power
F-frozen-temporary freeze all visible enemy tanks
B-bomb-all visible enemy tanks will explode
N-nuke-warp to next mission!
Death Face-lethal suprise! Delete all previous collected timeless powerups.