2 - Love the machine by Eastgate [web]

                                                 "the ways of the past
                                                    provide no way forward"


the final release of "2".
this demo won the 1st prize at scene strike 3, belgrade, 1998.
almost no changes from the party version.

the unvoluntary break was caused by all that summertime shit
going on around... funny thing it took us around two days to
make it, then two months to release it. so i just gave up and
did it. this version is bugfixed (aha :)) so it works under
windows (on my machine, at least)...


it needs some memory, vesa 2.0 and a sound card.
if you don't have vesa 2.0 watch it in ugly 8bit or get univbe.
worx great on iP166.
clean boot is best.


our special guest star: the amiga's amigo: the gfx genius:

thanks for the bitmaps, see you soon! ;)

and the regulars:

cozy mc       cozy mc's 3d engine and special fx vr camera handling
yooyo         yooyo's 3d engine plus also sparx and file handling
dm            side effect code and sleep-prevention
mr.shoom      kraftwerk fandom, cover and syncing
the bug boy   fsol fsol


the demo was almost entirely created at yooyo:'s place which was
filled by dm and cozy mc's bellies and equipment. you don't want
to imagine the chaos when tbb & shoom joined in. we almost killed
both ourselves & machines on our way out, coz the elevator sucks
big time. that's one thing i wouldn't like to do again. :) some
greasy pizzas eaten and 50+ litres of knjaz & coke swallowed to
beat the summer heat (tha real one)...


10x 2: corrosion for the great party - all compo contributors, let's
bring even more shit next time - yooyo: for the place - everyone who
voted, thanxalot! ---- -- -  -   -   and everybody we know & love...

and you have the greets in the demo :) + mad virgin (sorry)

eyes pop - skin explodes - everybody dead

we wish you all lots of icecream


                                               dm / eastgate, 20. sep. '98.
                                        [ http://cyberjunkie.com/eastgate ]