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code.music.most_textures: msiren
 3d_meshes.some_textures: smirk/damage

  contains a lot of blending. runs very slow
  with RIVA TNT, runs nicely on GeForce.
  No time to test with RIVA TNT2.

  openGL accelerated.
  BASS Sound System.
  uRAR Lib.

.special thanks
  therion/damage for giving me smirks meshes and textures
  smirk/damage for giving me meshes
  tweek/zymosis for beta test with my old riva tnt
  tuomas puustinen for beta testing and buring the demo to cd

.last minute notes
  Departure in few hours. Some trouble with the exe file, but
  should work now. The exe isn't packed with upx so it seems to