Nokia 1200 by Interamnia


                    for the memory of the #nokia1200
                    and for the modem itself.

                    oh god. actually there isnt nothing new in it.
                    do you really care?
                    does not need pentium. works without gus. 486/33 is
                    enough. but everyone has pentiums, except we. dang.

                    was made pretty fast. some misc. synching problems
                    and so. 3D engine is pretty invalid also. sorry
                    because of it. really.

                    thanks to organizers of dl2 for supporting the modem in
                    demolition2, where this was released. thanks!

                    thanks also to echo/ump and mia valkonen for their
                    help at scenario96 where this was meant to be
                    released, but was not. evil organizing. evil.
                    megathanks to spedes for ruining the scenario96.

                    disclaimer: we are not responsible for any possible
                    damage to hardware or to software, if you blow
                    something up - blame yourslef.

                    if you want to put this to your demo/scene/whatever
                    cdrom, it would be nice if we could hear atleast
                    something about it. send e-mail or something.
                    but like we really would care.

                    no features included this time.

                    did you know that we have 60% same DNA than bananas?
                    and if we are 80% water and 60% bananas then..?!?!

                code             inzu
                music            fume
                gfx,font,design  primon
                3d objects       recc
                2d shape         recc

                textures         sunday
                pmode            tran
                player           asmu/wildlight


      acidrain, antares, barrier, bombsquad, byterapers, cncd, coc,
      coma, coolproductions, complex, coral, damones, doomsday prods,
      drone, exotic men, gender-8, goto10, halcyon, hirmu, jamm,
      kosmic, mfx, mist, moz[ic]art, orange, proxima, pulse, purple,
      skraappa, splat!, tbl, tpolm, ump, wildlight, xes

    + other idiots

            and those who are coming to our theparty6 bustrip!

    reach the authors:

    primon                                          inzu

    heikki halme                                    inzu@freenet.hut.fi
    parolantie 99
    13130 h„meenlinna


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