CIMMERIAN for SMSPower! competition 2016 by Ichigobankai

A "pseudo" port of the famous Barbarian. ("pseudo" because i've changed many little things)

This demo includes

    Story & VS Mode (story for 1 player with score + AI, VS. no score for 2 players)
    3 arenas
    "random" players colors scheme
    no samples/sfx, music taken from a WWF game on GameGear (just to be sure that the lib works properly)
    intro image are not the good ones, picked from Conan the Barbarian movie ;) 

FINAL PRODUCT will have:

    Bugs free (I hope)
    Finalized AI (for story & death mode)
    Mountain of Crom (aka Hall of Fame) + hi-score saved in sram
    Screen options for Vs. mode (choose player, how many rounds, arena)
    10 different arenas
    Intro & outro images
    Samples / sfx / musics 

Tools :

    SDCC (vingazole's lib)
    PNG2Tiles / BMP2Tiles
    Python 2.7 for many homemade scripts
    My good old friend Photoshop
    Smultron (advanced notepad, for mac)
    Ton of Tea 

Hope you'll like it !