Shorty by The Clan (nl)

			 S   H	 O   R	 T   Y
			    - The Russian -

			Another Dutch Production


      A 386 or better processor, VGA or compatible graphics card and about
      450kb of base memory is required to run "Shorty"
      A 486dx2 or better is strongly recommended.


      "Shorty" is my contribution to the Assembly'96 4kb intro competition.
      It's not freeware. You are allowed to copy it without restrictions
      for non-commercial use.

      No payment of any kind may be charged for this product or any
      combination of products or services including this product without
      my authorization and official written license.

      Commercial use, especially the industrial manufacturing on any data
      storage media and thair distribution without the expressed permission
      of the producer, is strictly prohibited.

      The program or this text file may not be altered of modified without
      the permission of the author.

      You take full responsibility for the operation of this software and
      any consequences thereof. I, the creator, can not accept liability
      for damages or failures arising from the use of this software.


      This 4Kb intro was coded by me in 6 weeks spreaded over 3 months.
      Most of the time you hear from people, that they worked 2-3 days
      on their 4Kb, well it can be done, but I had to write the whole 3D
      engine from the beginning, most of the routines were already made
      in PMode, but for example the texturemap routine, had to be totaly
      rewritten because the Pmode routine is about 64Kb"big", but atleast
      10 times faster. So after all I don't think I worked too long on this
      project. Now we actually have a Real-mode engine also. So more to
      expect from me and ThE ClaN soon(64Kb and 4Kb). In the beginning I
      spend hours on size optimizing that's why the Tube effect is done in
      only 312 bytes, but at a sertain moment, even PKLITE could compress it,
      so I just coded and used WWPack to optimize for size.
      Don't blame me that it's running slow on your 386DX40 or even less,
      which by the way is the type of computer I'm still working on,
      but it's mainly designed for 486DX2-66 or even faster, just because
      everyone has such computer these days, and 3D sucks CPU ticks.

      Design, deuh is there ??, came while programming it, I liked the blue
      color for the background, so my first idea was to make a totaly blue
      4Kb, but afterall that was soooooooo boring, that I changed the upper
      128 color to black->red->white, which was less boring to me.

			      WHAT YOU SEE

      - background pictures calculated during weird self modifying code.
      - A half texturemapped tube comming around.
      - flash
      - 3D rotating and morphing with phong mapping.
      - flash
      - again those objects but now with phong-refraction mapping.
	which give the effect of looking through red-glass.
      - flash. and woops background is gone...
      - and again those objects but now phong-blur.


      Each object has 384 points, 384 vertex normals and 704 polygons.
      Total 1536 points, 1536 normals and 2816 polygons, total size when
      normals are calculated should be around 26112 bytes uncompressed.
      The textured tube and background was coded within 452 bytes...
      All polygons are double textured, however only the refraction part
      uses the second texture, in the others parts the second texture is
      just BLACK..
      486DX2-66 will result in about 14 frames per second.


      Tyr, Mr.Aurum & Sto	    - Ideas & optimizing trics.
      KARL/NoooN		    - costable formula
      Quicksilver/iMAGE!	    - Insight will never die.
      Vertigo			    - Like this? Your BBS intro??
      Compile/G-Force		    - hmmzz.
      Cyclops			    - AGAIN IN THE GREETZ...
      NiX/Logic Design		    - Keep up the good work.
      MuX!/Suprise!Productions	    - .....

      SuccesS, Logic Design, iMAGE!, Wierd Magic, Hazard, Inertia, Witan,
      Jello, Surilexx, Analogue, Destiny, TFA, Triton, and of course
      everyone at Assembly'96.


				The Clan
			      The Russian
			Jan van Bergenstraat 37
			   1962 VH HEEMSKERK
			    The Netherlands.
			 voice: +31-251-239780

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