Electro-Magnetic by Hackers [web]

 (( Electro-Magnetic ))
   from HACKERS Graphics Research Division

-- Visuals: Ash Checksum
-- Audials: Van Damme
-- Facials: Hi-Stack

 32bit executable, due to 4klang being 32bit.
 Install libsdl1.2debian:i386 or whatever to
 run this on 64bit Ubuntu.

 Uses 4klang by gopher & pOWL,
 SDL 1.2 (hnng) by Sam Latinga,
 and Linux by Richard Stallman.

 Greetz to las/Mercury, Marq/Fit and iq/RGBA.

  In this thesis, we propose an efficient
  algorithm for doing realtime path tracing.
  We propose a modern pipeline utilizing DDA's,
  wave propagation and LaRusse Fireclouds to
  achieve ultra-realistic image quality that
  rivals path tracing and might very well lead
  the next step in graphics hardware evolution.

 A few word from our sponsors:
  The upcoming HV-666 (PCI-e implementation of
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  Features include:
   - Per pixel time interpolation
   - Our famous Accelerated DDA rendering (HDDA)
   - Full integration with C/OS
   - Virtual Gordon 

  HV-666 will ship Q3 and will have a suggested
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