Memorial by Guideline [web]

                                    MMMMMM;;    nnMMMMMM!!  
                                  MMMMMM!!        MMMM      
                                BBMMMMMM!!        ##zz      
                              nnMMMMMMMMDD        ##        
                            ;;MMMMMMMMMMMMnn    BB          
                        "";;    ##MMMMMMMMMM##              
                    wwDDee;;    ##MMMMMMMMMMMMDD            
                nnBB!!            ##MMMMMMMMMMMMUU          
            ;;##nn                  DDMMMMMMMMMMMMww        
          zzMM""                      UUMMMMMMMMMMMMee      
        wwMM;;                          UUMMMMMMMMMMMMff    
      UUMMzz                              DDMMMMMMMMMMMM::  
    UUMMMM                                  MMMMMMMMMMMMDD  
  zzMMMMBB                                  ;;MMMMMMMMMMMM  
  MMMMMMMM                                    BBMMMMMMMMMM  
nnMMMMMMMM;;                                  ffMMMMMMMMww  
wwMMMMMMMM##                                  !!MMMMMMMM    
nnMMMMMMMMMMDD                                !!MMMMMMee    
""MMMMMMMMMMMM##                              ffMMMM##      
  MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMnn                          eeMMMM        
  ;;MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMnn                      MMMM;;        
    ffMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMDDff              wwMM!!          
                          ;;zzzz::    Guideline      
			     released at Evoke 2016

	Editor, Engine code:                     Alusi
	Additional code:			 BetA
	Visuals, Concept:                        Numtek
	Additional Visuals:                      TheBat
	Music:                                   The Black Helicopters

	Dedicated to Clifford Krishna Abinash Mahabier
        23-11-1981 - 31-07-2016 

	Music is a part of `De man die alles dacht te weten'
	(The man who thought he knew everything) by 
	The black Helicopters

	You'll need .NET 4.0 and Pixelshader 2.0

	More info about Guideline: http://www.richtlijn.be
	More info about The black Helicopters : http://theblackhelicopters.bandcamp.com/

	Greets go to Limp ninja, Mainloop, Farbrausch, 7th cube,
	Haujobb, Moppi, Royal Belgium Beer Squadron, and to
	all sceners alive
	Some rights reserved : Creative Common license share-alike
	Requirements: pixelshader 2.0 and .NET 


	I think this one is quite self explanatory.
	Since I've got such a connection with the subject death
	(no not in the `emo' way) because I've lost half of my family
	I decided at Breakpoint 2009 to make a tribute, a memorial so to say for all
	sceners who passed away. I struck me that no one else
	that I knew of honored all dead sceners. Of course there
	are several demos dedicated to people who died, but no one
	ever made a digital memorial, so I took the initiative.
	I'm sure you won't find the subject morbid or dark. It wasn't
	my intention to make a joke about those that left us, nor was
	it my intention to appeal to the sadness of those who still
	remain, while their loves ones are death.
	My sole motivation was creating something pure so those who
	ain't here will still be remembered.

	This demo never got finished until a couple of weeks ago
	one of my best friends passed away.
	I kept 'updating' the list of sceners who died since this project 
	started, but decided against including this list in the demo itself.

	The music is played by two friends of mine, who both envisioned
	their grandmas who passed away. The whole track takes more than
	12 minutes, this is just a small part.

	The first scene is directly inspired by an album cover of a song I played
	non-stop while writing a poem for my lost friend.


	A Memorial for the sceners who have died

	Varou aka Cybernostra / Main party
	Brainpower / The Digital Artists
	Meaty / Approximate
	Yon-ACC / Magnetix
	Troublekeeper / Extend
	Coax / Topaz
	JR Predator / The Ruling Company
	Bug / Subway-Razor 1911
	Charlie  / Varsity
	HCA / Danish GOld
	Scope / F4CG
	Belgarion / International Cracking Service
	Waveform / Millenium
	Bartman / Shadows
	Jazzy D / Chromance
	Tommy-Avena / Risk
	White Shadow / Renaissance
	Vodka / Saturne
	Ramone / Mono
	Phox / Scienide
	Eazy E / Legend
	Wasel / Amour
	Jan Horn / Sulaco
	Gozer / SynRJ
	KiD / Inquisition
	Enzo / sysop of Sky Tower BBS
	Stopher / Scene Event organizing
	Groo / Essence
	Shade / TRSI
	Spiral / Oxygene
	Etrigan / LSD
	The Magician / Elite
	Toodeloo / Dead Hackers Society
	Diablo / Hornet-Scene.org
	Kjel Nordbø
	Toto / Evoke organizing
	Westbam / TRSI-Razor1911-Legend-
	International Network of Crackers
	Dusodril / CRO
	Turtle / Danish Gold
	Vega / ex-style Group-
	Chaos Constructions organizing
	CyberChrist / Razor1911
	Buster / Blood-Black Maiden
	Tuo / Mandarine-Popsy Team
	Derbyshire Ram / F4CG-Dominators
	Xaztur / PWP
	Yammer / Yam
	Lemmus / Loonies
	Skybax / Hedelmae
	Sobec / Sd
	Raster / C.P.U.  
	E-Buzz / Rebels
	Dycus / Razor 1911
	Twilighte / Defence Force
	Misser / WiseGuy Industries 2015
	Axis / Cascade