For Anne by Moonflow

title stuff
 ..f   o   r      A   n   n   e.
  a   demo   by   Moonflow  2oo2

starring stuff
 .code & gfx

thx stuff
 .4 HjbMp3 Playah 2 Lettiq / Hjb

requirements stuff
 .i  don't  know  :),  but on my
  c540Mhz +  GF DDR  works  fine

space-wasting stuff
 .Yeah!  - my first demo. I made
  it  for  one amazing girl, for
  Valentine's Day, but she still
  did't  see  it  for  reason of
  blah  blah  blah....  :) Never
  mind  ... (few days later) All
  right!  she  saw  it  ! It was
  very  romantic moment, she was
  very    very    pleased   with
  watching   this   demo.  After
  couple  of  second  she smiled
  and she begun to... :)

end file stuff
 sceneware . made . in . POLAND.
 moonflow<>two thousand plus two
 ...hope you like it.