The Experiment by Digital Dynamite [web]

               The Experiment. 

         A demo by  Digital Dynamite

* Credits

BoyC         - Code, Visuals
Vincenzo     - Music

PBR textures - http://freepbr.com
Meshes       - http://turbosquid.com

* About

Created  with  apEx,  the  latest  Conspiracy

Requires DirectX 11  and a strong video card.

Well. Here we go again, Maugli managed to get
me to create another demo. Didn't have as
much time for it as last time and so it's a
bit on the short side.

This is really an experiment in physically 
based area lighting and my first deferred
rendering try.

Textures are from freepbr.com, meshes are
from turbosquid.com as I didn't have a
graphician this time around. Huge thanks to
Vincenzo for making me a soundtrack on short

BoyC signing off