ncl01: Road Trip by Incline [web]

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ncl01: Road Trip
By Incline
Released at Tokyo Demo Fest 2017.
100 seconds of pure demoscene goodness!

** Please run on Firefox! **

- Tested on FF 51.0.1, 32-bit.
- Compiles OK on Chrome 65.0.2924.87 (Official) 32-bit, but doesn't display

ShaderToy version: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/XdXcRN
  and tdf17.frag in the ZIP

GLSL Sandbox version:
  tdf17gs.frag in the ZIP

  cxw: code and lame ascii art

Thanks to:
  - iq et al. for ShaderToy
  - mrdoob for the default GLSL Sandbox shader, which I used as the background
    for the loading screen.  (I added the rotation and the text.)
  - d-ash for perlpp (see below)

  Watch the demo! :)
  Plus my fellow group members, makro and phrank.

  perlpp, branch "defines" of https://github.com/cxw42/perlpp/
    Use commit https://github.com/cxw42/perlpp/commit/bd3cd634d17dc13fd415d2b8887c26fa88fe0b8f or newer

Check out https://bitbucket.org/inclinescene/demosplash-2016 for tips on
  coding this type of demo-in-shader.

  Check out howto.planet-d.net, coming soon!  It will be an index of
  demomaking tutorials and resources.  Also see
  and the plea therein :) .