flowres by Numedia Cyclops [web]

Flowres by Numedia Cyclops
Released in June 2002 for TMDC4

Design & graphics DiamonDie
COde: fizzie, the_Ye-Ti/Kaleido
Music: _LUKE_

                                    : | :
                                    `.|,'                 ,---',
======================================`=================>{    (@`
                ,'.                                       `---,~
               : | :
This is our first product. It was made in a hurry like all demos,
even  though  we began planning months in advance.  It  uses  the
Win32  console  and requires something like Pentium 300MHz  (yeah
the  code  sucks).  We used fmod by Firelight Multimedia  as  the
music player.  The "engine" and most of the effects were coded by
fizzie,  the voxeled pole, tunnel and some of the rendering  were
by the_Ye-Ti. Graphics were created with Paint Shop Pro, Aciddraw
and  ld0d's  Texgen.  Some of the ANSI stuff was first  converted
from  a photo,  but because the result was so messy it  was  only
slightly better than starting from scratch.

In addition to the greetings mentioned in the demo, we'd like  to
greet  some persons, who are: Acumen, Adok, Dairos, ld0d,  Lindi,
Loota, mnemonix, Mohkale, mooz, Optimus, Paladiini, ugli, viznut.
Also big thanks to trigon for betatesting on Win9x.

Numedia Cyclops is:

DiamonDie	gfx, design
fizzie		code
_LUKE_		music
MegaMies	code, gfx

New members are warmly welcome (especially people who are  better
graphicians than me!)

Our webpage is at http://numedia.ubiquitous.eu.org

-infofile by DiamonDie