C64Debugger v0.6 by Samar Productions

v0.60 (2017/06/23), released at Silesia 8 demo party

See a promo video here: https://youtu.be/_s6s7qnXBx8

Added: Integrated Vice 3.1 emulation engine
Added: new VIC Display screen (Ctrl+Shift+F5) and VIC Display lite (Ctrl+Shift+F4)
Added: new VIC Editor screen (Ctrl+Shift+F6). Simple for now, more features on the way!
Added: show music notes in SID State view
Added: you can Ctrl+Click on Memory Dump or Memory Map view to scroll Disassembly to code address that stored that value
Added: you can follow code jumps and branches in Dissasembly view using Right-Arrow key, and move back with Left-Arrow key, when argument is a memory address then Data Dump view will be scrolled to that address
Added: colors are shown in VIC State, also you can lock (Left Click) or force (Right Click) these colors in previews
Added: show code cycles in some Disassembly views
Added: setting to completely stop SID emulation when in warp mode
Added: setting to select nearest or billinear interpolation mode for rendering of the C64 Screen in Settings
Added: setting to select VIC colors palette in Settings
Added: reset only disk drive by Ctrl+Alt+R
Added: zoomed full screen in Ctrl+Shift+F1
Added: save C64 screenshot and sprite bitmaps to PNG files by Ctrl+Shift+P
Added: key shortcut to browse and run PRG files from attached disk image (F7)
Added: key shortcut to auto run first PRG file from the attached disk image (F3)
Added: setting and command line option to auto load and run first PRG from inserted disk
Added: key shortcut to switch auto run from disk (Ctrl+Shift+A)
Added: setting and command line option to always jmp to loaded PRG address even if no Basic SYS is detected
Added: setting and command line option to un-pause debugging code when PRG is loaded
Added: setting to reset or hard reset C64 before starting PRG
Added: key shortcut to detach disk image (Ctrl+Shift+8), cartridge (Ctrl+Shift+0) and everyting (Ctrl+Shift+D)
Added: you can drag & drop file into C64 Debugger window on MacOS & Windows
Added: mouse cursor is hidden when window is full screen, and only C64 Screen is shown (in Ctrl+F1 view)
Change: default key mapping of OS '\' key changed to C64 key '='
Change: default VIC colors palette changed to colodore
Change: default SID model changed to 8580 FastSID
Change: in Disassembly view you can move cursor to current address -1 by [ key, and to address +1 by ] key
Change: Settings menu is now split into sub-menus
Bug fixed: processor status flags were not correctly updated for N and Z flags (thanks to Flavioweb/Aura^Hokuto Force for reporting)
Bug fixed: when loading PRG additional space in Basic SYS was not properly parsed giving wrong start address (thanks Yugorin/Samar for reporting)
Bug fixed: when SYS is hidden by $00 trick the address was not properly parsed (thanks Yugorin/Samar for reporting)
Bug fixed: stored folders paths for D64/PRG/CRT were not properly set in macOS Sierra open/save dialogs
Bug fixed: the PC breakpoint did not stop code execution when it was placed on first instruction after manual jump or IRQ, now it's properly trapped (thanks to 64bites for reporting)
Bug fixed: idle CIA timers were not properly updated when emulation was paused or in single stepping mode (thanks Scan/House Designs for reporting)
Bug fixed: code labels are properly placed in disassemble view after PRG file load
Bug fixed: drive memory breakpoints were not correctly set
Bug fixed: menu items for resetting the C64 were not properly handled
Bug fixed: some another not done key mappings on Windows reported by Isildur/Samar ;#)

Windows binary is now signed. Thanks to Yugorin/Samar for donation!!