Twisted by Sync

                                SYNC PRESENTS


                            AN ISRAELLY PRODUCTION

                         CAME SECOND AT THE SUMMIT'96

                                HELD IN ISRAEL

                           AND ORGINIZED BY CENTARI

   -- 1                     SYNC ?? huhh ??

          Well, SYNC is NOT a new group and twisted is NOT the first thing
          we made, but it surely is the first demo-scene-piece we release.
          SYNC is :

             ³    Alias      ³ Job         ³ Name      ³ Age  ³
             ³   RiFF RaFF   ³ Programming ³ Roy Adler ³  17  ³
             ³   Hue         ³ Graphics    ³ Roy Man   ³  18  ³

          Intro credits :

             Coding  : RiFF RaFF
             Artwork : Hue
             Music   : Taken from a freeware HSC pack, tracker unknown :(
             Player  : Chicken's HSC player

          System requirements :

             The intro will run on a 386 with about 590k free conventional
             memory. DO YOUSELF A FAVOUR and don't watch it on a 386, wait
             till you get atleast 486DX2, or just watch it at a frien's
             house (If HE has 586, duhhhh, hehehe).

          IMPORTANT : The intro is VERY slow because we synced it with the
                      586 100mhz of the compo. The sun part, for example,
                      holds a Delay(20) in every frame, so it would work
                      fine on a 586 (We didnt have time to sync with the
                      timer, sorry all of you 386 users).

          Move to read the second chapter about our past productions.

   -- 2               What do we do / What have we done ?

          we would like to state out that SYNC IS NOT A DEMO GROUP !!!
          We make games and release sources for starting sceners.
          We believe we are donating the scene, especially in israel,
          through our sources and DOCs, which we hope to be joining more
          and more israely guys to the world scene. Israel has a demo
          scene, not very developed, but surely growing and getting better
          every day.....(we would like to hope so)
          SYNC has released these files :

            - VENG     : A game made about the terror attacks on israel.
            - LEARNGFX : A coding guide to graphics in pascal and asm.
            - SNCFSHTX : Source code for a great text mode intro.
            - COOLTEXT : Example of using TSRs through pascal.
            - COKEDEMO : A demo of a game made for the coka cola company.

            - PUREPAS  : A stupid 4k intro in pure pascal
            - SNCSAVER : Screen saver for the surprize compo
            - TWISTED  : 64k intro for the summit'96

          All of our files can be found in out support sites :

            ³ Board name    ³ Sysop name ³ Occupation ³ Number          ³
            ³ Psycho Beaver ³ RiFF RaFF  ³ World HQ   ³ +972-9-832-0175 ³
            ³ Spirit of art ³ Cracky     ³ Dist site  ³ +972-3-956-0987 ³
            ³ Coders F/X    ³ CiVAX      ³ Dist site  ³ +972-7-6753-224 ³

          We are accepting more sites. If you have a coding based or demo
          based bbs, and you wish your bbs to be SYNC's support site, call
          Psycho Beaver and chat with RiFF or leave him a msg.

   -- 3                   What do we plan in the future

          RiFF made a very big article for the LUNA DiskMag #2, by Moon
          hunters. The article is a coding guide to misc subjects in
          pascal, and only psacal. e.g. - using EMS without creating a
          whole unit (through the objects unit - TEmsStream), and
          contains full documentation about OOP usage in pascal.
          We started making a VERY sick game, might be called Killer Beaver
          (We have something with beavers, i donno ;), in which your
          goal is to murder cute creatures, mostly rodents, hehehe, with
          ALOT of blood ;)
          We also started thinking about a psychotic demo for MOV'95, which
          will be held in israel in a few months (we like to direct the demo
          long before we start working on it, its hard to be a director).

   -- 4                          People we like

         Well, the group greets were in the demo, so we wont repeat them
         here. We would state out people we like, and people who
         helped us in any way :

         The biggest thanks, which is full of admiration and respect goes to
         the two guys that made the SUMMIT'96 operate. these two are :

            High Dive and Helium

         Guys - Keep up the good work !

         All the other :

          The King       - Thanks for trying :)
          C-Maniac       - You fuckin lazy guy.......
          CiVAX          - Wish there were more like you.
          Cracky         - Your bbs is the best !
          Hex            - Like shooting those hamas people in the balls ?
          Sticky Baboon  - You are almost as sick as we are !
          Borzom & TRex  - I just wish i could code like you guys do......
          iCE            - Teach me some more algorithms.... ;)
          Mental Trip    - You god damn squirl ! (hebrew : snai)
          Salad Eclipse  - Solar, your handle is better that way ;)
          One            - What is all about that bloody old vector engine ?
          Adept          - Thanks for the computer usage.
          Coo4 makers    - You're very good with gifs, make some more.... :)
          VGod & ...     - Ups, 4got the other name....ur the best in ansi !
          Crunch & co    - Is that a screen saver ? - thats a demo !
          4got the name  - Great "zain baain" intro !!!!!, i like you man !
          Death Parade   - You sick ansi maker !
          Holograph      - GROW UP (hehehehehehehe)
          Cyx            - Great guy, sysop of toxid toon.
          LOoNY          - Promising ansi maker, 10x for the great ansi !
          Bazooka Joe    - Cyborg, hurry up and release something !
          Spacky         - Thanks for the great ansi !
          Turk 182       - You're doing a great job !
          Super Glue     - Cool guy, likes warez (BLUHHH)
          BARTi          - You're the best coder existing today....!
          PSi            - Man, you're RiFF's god !
          MaxWood        - Majic rulez......!
          Bas van Gallen - Releases the BEST sources.......thanks.
          Phantom        - I really appreciate coders which release material.

          I'm positive i forgot several people, so please forgive me...
          This doc is being written in the night after the summit, after
          taking the quite good 2nd place, and lets say i'm not very
          clear minded....sorry again for the ones i forgot.

   -- 5                  Greets in the other scene

          The folowing people/artists/bands supplied us inspiration while
          making whatever we make, so we think we should give them the
          right credit, shouldn't we ?

            Richard O'Brien :
              Wrote the music for the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and plays
              in the movie the character RIFF RAFF (sounds familiar ?).
              RiFF RaFF (SYNC's one) admires this guy...!

            Quentin tarantino :
              You took part in every movie i (RiFF) adore ! starting from
              Reservoir Dogs, through the script for Natural Born Killers,
              and up to Pulp Fiction. YOU ARE A GENIOUS !!!

            Some bands :

              Union Jack
              Sonic Youth

            (And many more)