ZXGate Visual Novel Engine by Genjitsu Labs

Nick/Realname:	akasaka / Vladislav Korotnev
Group: Genjitsu Labs
Full name of work: ZXGate Visual Novel Engine for ZX Spectrum. Port of "Steins;Gate Hen'ikuukan no Octet" to ZX Spectrum.
Compo: Wild/Game for ZX
Requirements: TR-DOS 5.0, 2x Floppy 640K or Emulated from TRD, AY music processor, 128K model Spectrum, color monitor, keyboard, English language knowledge :)
Duration: from 4m30s to 3hrs20min10s depending on player route
Contacts: www.genjit.su, akasaka@coolsoftware.ru
P.S.:	Source code soon on Bitbucket :-)
	How to load: 	1. Insert "HENIKUUKAN_DATA.trd" into drive B.
			2. Insert "HENIKUUKAN.trd" into drive A. (single floppy mode -- work in progress)
			3. Start TR-DOS
			4. Run "boot"
	How to play:	input commands to perform actions. 
			Commands "look", "talk", "left", "right", "up", "down", "give ...", "phone", "assistant" work in most scenes.
			To save, type "save N", e.g. "save 1". There are 5 save slots.
			To load type "load N", e.g. "load 1"
			To check engine version, type "ver" anywhere in the game.
	Easter eggs:	1. After you complete the game, type "song mode" on main menu to open music player
			2. Command "format a", "format b", "xyzzy", "what is love"...

	Shortest play routes (for fast demo):
		# 1 : Bad end
			1. start
			2. left
		# 2 : Better end
			1. start
			2. down
			3. up
			4. ride train
		# 3 : Bad end
			1. start
			2. down
			3. get poster
			4. up
			5. give poster
			6. down
			7. left
			8. give light
			9. use light
			10. turn upa
			11. forward
			12. shout

		Others... look for "Steins;Gate Hen'ikuukan no Octet" walkthrough on internet :-)