CakeHead 2 by Arm's Tech [web]

-----------------------------------------------------------------2 februar 96

                                - CAKEHEAD 2 -


    CakeHead 2 is a PostcardWare program, this mean if you appreciated it
  (or the sources I released with it, or whatever...) I (baah) hope you' ll
  send me a nice postcard. I ask this mainly because I don' t have access to
  internet and the like, and so I don' t know if my demos are appreciated
  or not. Am I coding for peanuts?
    This demo and the sources can be copied as long as no money is asked for
  it, not even a small copying fee, and as long as you copy the original,
  unaltered, files.
    In case you speak of this demo in a magazine, I expect you to send me
  a copy of the mag. If the price of it is not too high, I will send you
  the money back. If you want to put the demo on a cover disk (who knows?)
  then quite simply contact me before.


    The music "The Last Rigger" was composed by Cry of The Xperience, a very
  talented musician from a very good demo crew. (I recommend you get a copy
  of their demos: "Xcentric" for Archie and "Blu" for RiscPC)
  You can contact him at:
    eMail - s794505@fh7serv1.fh-bielefeld.de
  Cry used Symphony by BASS to compose the tune.

    The image "Nours" was drawn by Dracula of PoSiTiViTy. Well, this ominous
  sentence simply means that I (baah) have drawn it when I was still playing
  around with my fantastic Atari STe. This was drawn using the wonderfull
  Neochrome Master by Chaos Inc.
    The code and ideas are by me, too, but I must thank a lot two guys:
  ArmOric/Arm's Tech for 'converting' me to Arm, for the nice trick about
  generated code in the RSS part, and in general for bearing me. Also,
  thanks to Jan/BASS for inspiration, for the nice spline trick I found in
  his code and the rest.
    Oh, maybe it is a good idea to mention that I coded this on my dusty
  floppy based, 1 Meg A3000. (RiscOS 2, of course! I laugh a lot when I see
  a "demo" asking for CLib or FPEmulator. ;) The software I used to complete
  the code is Zap + ExtASM + QDbug. Other softs used are !Crunch and
  DSymPlay by BASS (seems there' s a Belgian invasion on Archimedes :),
  and the classic stuff. (BBC Basic, !Paint...) Also, I used some home
  made utilities. (!Jack and !Knife, which are ripping utility. If you want
  them spread, send me a postcard...)


   ------------->   Chris, Creeks, Survivor of Mafiamiga   <--------------  
   ------------------------------>   Elf   <------------------------------  
   --------------->   Kasar and the rest of PoSiTiViTy   <----------------  
   ----------------------------->   Onyx   <------------------------------  
   ------------------->   Flips, Nullos of DNT Crew   <-------------------  
   --------------------------->   Daubeman   <----------------------------  
   ----------------->   Cry, Lunatic of The Xperience   <-----------------  
   -------------------------->   Jan of BASS   <--------------------------  
   --------->   Abel, Lector, Skillion, Daedalien of Steelers   <---------
   ------------------->   Marco Polo  of Hemoroids   <--------------------  
   -------->   Zorgan and all other trisoids of Les Heretiques   <--------  
   -------------->   Garry Copper and others in MentASM   <---------------  
   ----------->   Last and least, all members of Arm' s Tech   <----------  

    Hum, I' m sure I' ve forgotten thousands of friends. Well, as soon as
  they' ll see I' ve forgotten them they won' t be friend anymore, so who
  cares? And who wants to be greeted in such an UGLY list anyway?


    Releasing the source code of my demos is an habit I took on the Atari ST,
  computer on which I released 3-4 demos. I don' t think I will write more
  on the subject, but the code is widely commented. I will only give the
  basic ideas here.... All effects are running in 16 colors. (Mode9)
    * The zoomer is achieved using realtime generated code. At each frame,
  I determine the size of the zoomed box, and with this, I generate code
  which will zoom an horizontal line according to this. Then I apply the
  generated routine to all hlines which have to be drawn.
    * The bubbles is the least interesting part. The effect looks nice,
  but the only thing which may be of use for coders is the axial ellipses
  filling routine. And well, I must admit it uses a lot of precalc, so.
    * The Randomly Shaded Spline (RSS) shape blending is certainly the most
  original thing in here. The basic idea is to calculate n points in a
  spline and for all this points, to draw a shadedot 'filament' at its
  position, thus giving a nice effect. Thanks to ArmOric and Jan, it runs
  quite fast on my Arm2. (4 Vbls with music) But due to the tricks used
  (generated code) I think it will be slow on bigger machines compared to
  the power they have. The shape blending is made with stupid linear
  interpolations on the control brows of each spline.


    Well, at last it is finished! This demo has been under development for
  almost one year and a half. What you see is only a minor part of what I
  coded on Archimedes, (I have bought my A3000 at the end of summer 94) but
  I had many 'motivation shutdowns' during all this time (isn' t it Fred?)
  and also others minor problems. (At first I began to code effects which
  won' t run on RiscPC due to screenmodes, mapping & music is not really
  fun to do with a floppy based computer, and well, studies...)
    Anyway I hope you will appreciate it, and most of all, I hope you will
  tell it to me in this case.
    Now it' s time to wish you a Happy new year 96, and to left you till my
  next demo. (Normally they' ll be one. And you can also collect the STe or
  PC stuff I' ve coded so far, hehehe...)
                                                Have fun!

                  Buy a bigger machine? What for? ;)